60 Days Daily Devotional


Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps

Psalms 121:4

Laziness is an issue of your will, and believe it or not it is not from God. In Psalms 121 we see that we do not have a lazy father and even though we do need to sleep and we do get tired, we need to be like Him. We embody His characteristics and we need to let it show as a mark that we truly belong to Him.

We are called to be active in our father’s business and you cannot be active if you are lazy. You cannot be used if you do a little work for God then want to quit, or in fact, don’t want to do it at all. If you are not working for God that means you are not bearing good fruits, simply put, you are not fulfilling your God-given purpose. The bible is very clear that those who do not bear fruits will be chopped off the trees. This means you will be cast away from Christ. This isn’t to scare you or anything, but to let you know that when you are being lazy you strain the body of Christ. Instead of you taking doing what you are supposed to do, God has to give it to someone else because you don’t feel like doing it, and if you don’t put in the work for Christ then you do not get to enjoy with Him either.

It is understandable that sometimes are morale is low and we just feel so exhausted and want a break, and that break will come when we finish our work here on earth. That may seem like a long time away but what is a little work here on earth compared to eternity in Heaven. Personally, I get laziness but, I also know that I have a duty in God’s kingdom and I try every day to be diligent. Yes, I do fail, a lot of the time but I am better than I was yesterday. So, even though you may not become super efficient overnight take intentional daily steps to becoming more hard working in God’s Kingdom. Put it prayer, push yourself to do more and remember God’s grace is sufficient!

Matthew 7:19, 2 Timothy 4:7-8, 2 Corinthians 12:10, Proverbs 20:4, Romans 12:11, Ephesians 6:10

Stay Blessed x

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