60 Days Daily Devotional


“For the sake of his great name, the LORD will not reject his people, because the LORD was pleased to make you his own”

1 Samuel 12:22

Going through depression loneliness was something I became very familiar with. Despite living in a family of seven and having four siblings I felt lonely on a daily basis. I hid my pain and hurt behind smiles and wiped my eyes straight after I cried because I didn’t want anyone to see the pain hidden inside. Yet, through it all and despite my feelings I was never really alone. That is the thing about emotions, they are so fickle that they can never really discern what is true. If I knew my father was there with me and cared for me there is no way I would have allowed those feeling of being lonely to consume me for so many years.

I understand loneliness and what it can do to you, but the truth is you are never really alone. I know it may just seem like words and its hard to believe because you’ve been crying out to God for so long, but believe me, God is right there beside you. Just because you cannot hear Him doesn’t mean He isn’t speaking, and even if He isn’t speaking it doesn’t mean He isn’t there. This is where your faith kicks in and you believe God when He says ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you!

I really battled with God about my loneliness because I knew He had the power to change things to make it easier for me. In facts I am writing this after speaking to God because I felt lonely and I wanted Him to do something about it. But God was just pressing on my heart that He wants me all to Himself, and be totally reliant on Him. He needs me to be content with Him and Him alone. Despite all that I’ve been through and thinking that I had mastered being solely reliant on God, He showed me that I am still reliant on people more than I need to be. Yes, it is good to have friends but let God be your solid foundation, that even if your friends abandoned you, you would still be good because you know that you belong to God.

Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalms 27:10, Matthew 28:10, Isaiah 43:4, Psalms 34:18, Acts 17:27

Stay Blessed x

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