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Peace I leave you, My Peace I Give You!

This summer has definitely been different for me. God has revived my whole life in a different way, but the revival did not come without a lot of tests and trials. One night I went to God stressed and broken and cried out to Him in search for peace because honestly, I had none. I felt like I was losing my mind with what I was going through. However, God being God came through and gave me a Word that I really needed. Its a poem/Spoken Word and I pray it blesses you.

Dear Jesus,


I wouldn’t say that I’ve been distant, just a bit fleshy.


Not following the Spirit but my selfish desires then crying out to you like Lord why is it all going wrong.


It’s true what they say that we’re so addicted to drama, that even when you bring peace our way it has no place to stay.  We’re constantly going this way and that way, never a moment of silence.


We wouldn’t even recognise it even if it came.  We wouldn’t even recognise Him even if He came dressed as a baby laying in a manger, I bet we’d probably call Him a stranger. Then hunt Him down at the age of two. Then when He’s grown, perhaps at 33, when we’ve got all that we need from him, we’ll cry out “crucify Him this world doesn’t need you!”


But see that’s the problem and that’s our issue. We don’t want peace if it doesn’t come wrapped in money. We didn’t want peace if He didn’t come dressed like the riches of this world, dressed like the King He claimed to be, not knowing that He’s the one who reigns over every authority, and died on that tree because of He love for you and me.


But that’s the things about Peace; it requires a degree of humility. To humble yourself under the mighty hand Of the one who made you, the one who created you, the only one who really knows you.


See He knows you, the lightest and darkest parts of you, and in case you didn’t know, yes He truly loves you!


Yes, He sees it all. All the parts of you that if you would just let go, peace could enter your home and make His dwelling among you.


Too often we focus on what is around us, the ones who surround us and the enemies that enclose us in our own darkness.


But if you would just focus your eyes inwards, you see that the biggest threat to your peace is not your enemies, but like Pastor Steven said, the inner me. We must learn to be like David and say Search Me O God and know My heart. See the things that plague My mind and kick peace out whenever it comes knocking. See the things that plague my mind and send me the other way whenever I see you running.


Search, Me O God!


Is it fear, is it pride, Lord I really don’t know the cause of this parasite that has infected my mind. Just create within me a pure heart, one that will accept your peace in whichever way you send it.




22 September, 2017 at 11:50 pm


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