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There have been so many times where I felt like I’ve been changed or motivated to change for a moment, but it would never last. I would always feel empty after a while and go back to my old ways. I found myself in a circle, from sin to salvation then back to sin then back to salvation. I was so sick of being changed for a season or even a moment, I wanted to be transformed and never go back.

As I prayed one day for God to transform me, He made me understand that transformation doesn’t take place in a church. I had been relying on the atmosphere created by other people, to trigger a change that must come from within. So many people come to “church” expecting to be transformed, but the key to being transformed is becoming the church. To become the church, you must have a private, personal, intimate relationship with God, on your knees and away from the crowd. You are transformed in the presence of God.

God created us in His image and likeness, and so, only God can transform you and reveal to you who you really are, because who you are, is found in Him. We were created and formed out of the dust, in the presence of God. Genesis 2:7.  No one else was there when God made Adam, but the Trinity, and when God made Eve, He sent Adam into a deep sleep. Who God has created you to be has nothing to do with anyone else but God. You were created in the intimate presence of God, and if you are tired of giving your life to Christ and going back to the same old ways you need to get into His presence and be left there – alone.

Transformation becomes permanent when you are permanently in His presence. Your life in public, reveals your relationship with God in private. You must live in the secret place of the Most High God. Psalm 91. God has a secret place and that is where He always remains. He has invited us to His secret place through His Son, Jesus Christ. His blood has made us worthy to stand in His presence, we have been washed and justified by Christ. However, sometimes we run away from the provisions of God. When we run from God we end up in trouble. When you are away from His grace, His love, and from His presence, you weaken your spirit, and therefore you give in to the urges of your flesh and go back into your old ways. God never promised that it would be easy, but He did promise peace through the tough times. If you don’t have peace during the storm then you have left the secret place.

The secret place is your time alone in the presence of God. A common misconception is that we spend an hour or two in the secret place and that’s it, but that’s not it. We are commanded to live in the Spirit, to live in the presence of God, that is where His promises come to pass. The presence of God should not be like a hotel that you visit every now and again, but it should become your home, where you permanently live and never leave.

There isn’t any other way to be transformed, except in God’s presence, otherwise, Christ wouldn’t have died to become our way to get there. Everything we need is in the presence of God and stays in HIs presence. If you leave His presence, you essentially cut off your life support. Go back into His presence, it is your heritage.

Stay Blessed x

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